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, everyone. welcome in to "fox & friends," tucker carlson anna kooiman, clayton morris. >> good morning. >> we want to congratulate a new sports network. >> fox 1. >> find that on the cable dial. congratulations to them. they are kicking off. we wish them well. next year there will be fox sports 2. they will be two years old. >> i see. he'll be here all week, all morning for the next four hours nim. we have a fox news alert to get to. egypt braces for another day of
his death. what happened? we have a report coming up. >>clayton: he survived two i. efpl -- i.e.d. attacks but not the boardwalk in new jersey. a veteran told he could not talk his service dog. "fox & friends" next. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. warm up in this little chilly studio. this is our transform ational studio. >>clayton: it is like a meat locker. the switch is right over there. don't even think about warming the studio. >>gretchen: you don't want to have your women happy? >>eric: they were wearing suits and it gets hot in here. >>gretchen: let's blame it on the way in which men and women have been clothed over the last few decades. let's get to your headlines. late last night a man fell to his death at turner field. the victim fell 65 feet from the upper deck at the atlanta braves stadium. police say there is no indication of foul play and the fall appears to be an accident. this is the second death at the atlanta ballpark. in 2008 a man fell down the stairs and also died. >>> there is a new report that al qaeda's master bomb maker was wounded in a u.s. drone s
. it could be transformative today. clayton thank you for sitting in brian's chair. >>clayton: great to see you guys. >>steve: you'll be here for three hours? >>clayton: i'll be here for two. >>gretchen: you do a four-hour tour on the weekends. we have a lot of to talk about but first let's tell you what happened while you were sleeping. a u.s. drone strike in yemen living al qaeda militants dead. cars completely destroyed. this happening hours after the american embassy evacuated nonemergency staff. sources tell fox news intercepted communications between bin laden's successor and the yemini base is what triggered closings across the middle east. >>> doctors placed a extent in the heart of george w. bush. he has no history of heart problems and months ago biked a kilometer with wounded warriors where he had this to say. >> the thing about life you're going to get dealt a hand you didn't want to play. that will happen to all of us. the question is how do you play the hand when you get dealt it? this is an example of people playing it to the max. >>gretchen: the former president plans to get
] >> clayton: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends." keep track of what day it is, mike. >> mike: it's not hump day it's saturday. it's so interesting to bed in the new studio with the new curvey couch it's so clean. unreal. >> clayton: does this studio look familiar? >> mike: this was mike's studio back in the day. >> mike: not that far back. >> clayton: you guys built this studio. [ buzzer ] >> clayton: coming up in the show a little bit mike was already asking me about this a device that let's you capture audio of anything going on in the day when spousal fights when the wife says to you i never said that you will be able it play this device back on your wrist and say honey, let's listen back to our fight a couple hours ago. >> mike: is this a good thing? >> ainsley: maybe not. or do you want to know what those girlfriends in the corn remember talking about. >> mike: the gossip? aaron's. >> ainsley: we're going to get to that later in the show. first headlines and serious news of what happened overnight. u.s. defense officials confirming that warships are on the move now to syria.
/11. why? because they say they are the real victims of that attack. >> clayton: take a look at this. a woman not doing any favor to her genders. repeated attempted to exit the garage. ms. al con camerota. it goes on for liar like a minute. she gets out. yeah. that's not going to work. does this prove that women can't drive? we're going to debate it next. "fox & friends" begins right now. hi. my name is alexandra, you are watching my favorite show. "fox & friends." >> alisyn: that's my daughter. >> is it really her favorite show? >> alisyn: it is her favorite show but i would never let her watch it. >> clayton: sounds like a character from the disney show. >> alisyn: i didn't know she recorded that my 8-year-old daughter is with us today she asleep at the moment. >> clayton: it's not her favorite show. >> tucker: what time did she get up this morning? >> alisyn: she got up at 4:00 a.m. to come to work with me. she is sleeping right now. she taped that yesterday. that was adorable. thank you, toba. >> clayton: good morning to awful you. we have a jam-packed four hours for you. we have
they lose the three games? >> tim: i don't know. i know clayton kershaw lost one of them to the st. louis cardinals in a recent three-game stand. >> kenny: larry rothschild, the slow walk down to the mound. with 37,517 in attendance, we take a look around fenway park via the fox sports 1 fan cam. fans around fenway excited about america's new sports network. fox sports 1, which debuted this morning. curt menefee brought the network on the air. ufc fight night tonight on fox sports 1 from td garden here in boston. what a weekend here in boston. >> tim: what a weekend. >> kenny: involving fox. pre-season football last night, yankees/red sox today. ufc fight night tonight. red sox leading the yankees 6-1. stephen drew, the run back in the fourth inning. two on, one out. carp and nava the base runners. >> tim: by the way, we mentioned clayton kershaw. in about 16 minutes, he opposes the philadelphia phillies against kyle kendrick. phillies losing to greinke in last night's game, a shutout from the dodger right-hander. >> kenny: right field. vernon wells. two away. we talked about matt harvey
areas, be careful. guys back to you. >> alisyn: thanks so much, rick. >> clayton: right now the president took off on vacation for the rest of the summer. >> tucker: martha's vineyard. >> alisyn: nine days. >> clayton: that feels like the rest of the summer. before he left washington he decided to give us all something to digest this weekend as we diet through his long press conference yesterday. and one of the things the president mentioned yesterday this weekend, 18 of the 19 embassies that had been closed as a result of that terror threat are going to be reopened suddenly. >> tucker: yes that there was a time limit on that and apparently the time limit has expired. he attempted to answer the question. if al qaeda is on the run and no longer a threat, then why we are cowering before the threat of al qaeda. trying to thread the needle, here is what president obama said? >> it's entirely consistent to say that this tightly organized and relatively centralized al qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 has been broken apart. and is very weak and does not have a lot of operational capa
night. no one was hurt. the people in concord and communities are on edge. the ups store on clayton road was robbed so two stores hit in 30 minutes. the pet food express was robbed at 6:00 and ups store at 6:30. on saturday, clay court reports that two other robberies happened including at the beauty supply and the yogurt shack. the suspect is white man with a gray bushy mustache and dirty. he looks homeless. he is armed with a gun. >> clayton police officers are on edge. an officer drove threw the parking lot and said his town is worried and hoping the next target is not in clayton. he wanted to know if police had any imaging from surveillance from the stores in the area. of the new bay bridge, you only have one more week to drive the old bay bridge before it is carbon forever, and caltrain released this animation to show drivers what it will look like when the new eastern span were ons after labor day weekend much the bridge will be shut down for five days on wednesday night when it re-opens september 3 this is what the drivers see, five, 12' lanes headed westbound with shoulders, and
, from the l.a. dodgers, clayton kershaw, and music from pepper. with cleto and the cletones. and now, sure enough, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's very nice. thank you. thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] we are back from -- thank you. i appreciate it. we're back from a two-week vacation. and as you can see, i have a beard. i got married. that's why i'm wearing a ring. [ cheers and applause ] which i guess means i have two beards. [ laughter ] the reason -- the reason i got married is -- there's a very good reason. i needed a panini maker, and it seemed like the cheapest way to get one. [ laughter ] weddings are very expensive. you know, first you have to ship the bride in from russia. [ laughter ] then there's the reception. 300 lean cuisine dinners. that's a lot of money. [ laughter ] our guests seemed to have a good time, though. a lot of them had never been to a go-kart track before. so that was fun. [ laughter ] here's something i wasn't aware of unti
more. >> this is the pet food express one of the targets last night, in clayton shopping from in concord. last night, after the robberies happened, this is where the other store was robbed, the ups store, in the vineyardshipping center on clayton road. according to the blog the pet store was hit first at 6:00 last night and then the u.s. store at 6:30. a few days ago, to other stores in concord were robbed, sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack and all done by the same man it is believed. witnesses say he looks homeless and is a white man with a bushy gray mustache, dirty and remain ad and he has a gun. no one has been arrested and no picture of the suspect has been released. this has people in the area on edge and not just here in concord the we saw a police officer passing through this parking lot from clayton and he says their town is worried and watching this closely and hoping he doesn't move over there to clayton. >> developing news, a fierce wildfire continues to rage out-of-control near yosemite national park and has jumped containment lines, the fire has been bur
. clayton sandell has been following this and has details from san diego where it began. clayton. >> good morning, bianna. it really is an amazing rescue. this morning hannah anderson is no longer a hostage, no longer in danger. her terrifying week coming to a dramatic end. >> hannah is coming home. >> reporter: to morning hannah anderson's family is overjoyed. >> i'm so glad she's safe. and she's okay. she's such a strong girl. >> reporter: hannah's rescue went down saturday afternoon in this remote idaho wilderness when an airplane spots the 16-year-old and her captor at a makeshift campsite near a lake. ground teams close in, there's a confrontation, police open fire. >> james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent assigned to an fbi headquarters unit. hannah was rescued and is in good shape. >> reporter: he not only kidnapped hannah, but killed her mother and 8-year-old brother ethan last week in san diego county. their bodies discovered in his burning house. they were spotted wednesday in idaho, triggering a massive search by 200 heavily-armed federal agents and lo
bases and a ball and a unique group of players who came to play. abc's clayton sandell on the team and the man who brought them together. they are america strong. >> reporter: riding around his old neighborhood -- >> my father once lived in that house. >> reporter: -- joe carabello became alarmed at the number of homeless people in denver, many of them living next to empty baseball parks. that gave carabello, a successful real estate developer, an idea. >> would you like a ball? >> reporter: using his unique calling card, softballs marked with the time and date, carabello hit the street, hoping to recruit enough players for a weekly game. >> do you like to play ball? it's fun. we have all the equipment. you want to pitch? okay. >> reporter: kind of like the movie "field of dreams." if joe built it, would they come? but slowly word spread. to places like the parking garage where rose henderson lives alone after losing her job six months ago. >> i just pray that things will change. >> reporter: now, every tuesday, she joins dozens of players on joe's field. ♪ buy me some peanuts an
father. clayton sandell has been following this from the beginning and has details from where the saga began one week ago in san diego. clayton? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this is an amazing rescue. this morning, hannah anderson is no longer a hostage, no longer in danger. her day fieing week coming to a dramatic end. >> hannah's coming home. >> reporter: this morning, hannah anderson's family is overjoyed. >> i'm so glad she's safe. >> me, too. >> and she's okay. she's such a strong girl. >> reporter: hannah's rescue went down saturday afternoon in the remote idaho wilderness when an airplane spots the 16-year-old and her captor at a campsite near a lake. two hours later, ground teams close in. there's a confrontation. police open fire. >> james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent assigned to an fbi headquarters unit. hannah was successfully rescued and appears to be in pretty good shape. >> reporter: he not only kidnapped her, but allegedly killed her mother and 8-year-old brother last weekend in san diego county. their bodies discovered in his burning h
to be in the areas of concord, clayton and maybe even walnut creek and get some elevation. it will become a more compressed deck of clouds tomorrow night. that means we'll see an earlier burn off. the earlier pressures finally migrating to north. it expands and warms up the upper atmosphere and we see sunshine that we expect to return. it's slightly below average. you will see warmer to the east and north. upper 60s in the mid-peninsula and all the way to 80s as you go south in union city and also fremont. the north bay numbers from beach to 84 degrees to u okay novato. and then pretty much last all the way through saturday. you have to remember, at this time of the year, the late night and early morning clouds very typical for this time in the bay area. what is not so typical, below average temps. >> all right. summer may i continue on a little bit. >>> a wounded california army vet is getting some help. jerald took some time on his new wheelchair today. he was an army tank driver. he was severely wounded in iraq and was paralyzed. >> it changed my life and it's getting me places i haven't been
's clayton sandell now with this news. >> reporter: in a florida courtroom today shellie zimmerman admitted she lied. >> she withdraws her previous plea of not guilty and enter a plea of guilty. >> reporter: guilty of perjury but one person wasn't in courter her husband, george zimmerman. christy o'connor interviewed zimmerman who said their marriage is strained. >> was he supportive to you? >> no. >> and how did that make you feel? >> very much alone. >> reporter: when her husband was arrested for shooting and killing trayvon martin, donations in the racially charged case came pouring in, more than $200,000. at a bond hearing shellie zimmerman lied about how much money the couple had, recorded speaking in code to hide the true amount. >> total everything how much are we looking at? >> um, like $155. >> george zimmerman was acquitted last month of second degree murder. his wife now sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service. clayton sandell, abc news. >>> and still ahead right here on "world news," buyer beware, imagine having to pay more money for a new car even
, though, have reinforcements, drones up in the air. clayton sandell reports from colorado springs. >> reporter: the western firefight tonight looks a lot like a military campaign. at yosemite national park's massive rim fire -- >> right there. >> reporter: new help from remote controlled drones on loan from the california air national guard. armed with sensors that see through heavy smoke to tell commanders not only how big a fire is, but how intensely it's burning. >> i saw more in 30 minutes than i did in three and a half, four days, of hiking the fire line. >> reporter: firefighters can use the military help. this season nearly four million acres have burned up and countless neighborhoods like these look like war zones. tonight five military tankers are dive-bombing targets across the west. >> ready? ready? drop. >> reporter: they're slowly helping contain yosemite's fire. not a moment too soon for small towns completely cut off, watching badly needed summer tourist dollars go up in smoke. nearly 5,000 firefighters with help from eyes in the sky, hoping to soon declare victory.
market. and google glass is not just a software internet company. clayton morris is here and he'll pass judgment on this. you know, it's all about market today. the price of gold is up. the price of oil is up and as for stocks, looking to open, i mean, sharply higher. no signs yet that ben is going to stop presenting money, make no mistake about it, and we've got several big companies that are making moves right at the opening bell. you'll see them. first though, this. nsa leaker edward snowden, a source says he left the airport and that snowden is too insignificant to damage ties between the u.s. and russia. he's staying over there. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in yr wallet? >> ♪ >> and the
to 154 bushels an ache l, and the price right now is jumping, jumped 3%. i'm with clayton, this is based on the world agricultural supply and demand estimates. look at the corn. clayton, you say that these estimates are not worth some of the, you know, the paper they are printed on. look at ne field of yours. usda calculated that you planted 105 # acres. you actually have your gps giving you precise calculation. you said less than a hundred acres? >> yes, actually about 6.5% more acren than what i planted on the gp certification on the tractor. >> saying there's more than there is? >> exactly. a lot of farmers have the capability that probably don't match it precisely to the fsa records. >> how come the government is not using this data that you have on the gps, which is perfectly accurate? >> they use their own software, own numbers, basically. >> real quick, your corn, look at this, quick. this is one you plucked already, and can you peel it back for us on air here? this is one of the reasons this price move. this is not well-developed. that's a little better. >> corn is further behin
-8. there is no stopping the red hot dodgers. clayton kershaw allowed just three hits over eight innings. his e.r.a. is 1.80, league best. he drove in a run in the fifth. l.a. wins again, 5-0. the dodgers have won 42 of the last 50 and lead the west by 8 1/2. unbelievable. the stanford football team is on a roll. the cardinals rank fourth, the highest ever preseason ranking. champ alabama is number one followed by ohio state and oregon. stanford went through the third practice this morning and linebacker shane was on the cover of this week's shorts ilit straighted and reason they are expected to contend for the national title. david shaw wants to keep this thing focused on football and not be distracted by the hype. >> people have given praise and we think that's great and appreciate it, but it can't affect how we play on game day. it can't affect the approach to how we play and we won't play harder or less hard because people say we will be good or terrible. >> for the first time in school history, cal will start a true freshman. 18-year-old jared edged out zack kline and will be under center in northwe
resources following those cuts. meetings will be held in lafayette and clayton. it time now 4:35. they're trying to figure out what killed this woman on the bridge. they're holding a be news conference at 1 chock. limo caught fire on may 4th with ten people inside. four women and the driver escaped, five women, including a new bride were killed. 911 tapes are expected to be released. >>> five people from the bay area are facing criminal charges this morning after being accused of kidnapping a woman and forcing her -- trying to force her into prostitution. they are accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a victim in come ton on thursday. the victim managed to escape and told deputies that they were planning to force her into prostitution. >>> we have more information on a man's fall off a cliff. the 25-year-old man is fighting for his life after falling 100 feet to the beach below. it happened yesterday afternoon outside of the ritz-carlton hotel. he was rushed to the medical center where at last check he was listed in critical condition. >>> they have banned firefighters from usi
will have a chance to speak out and there is also two more meetings. there is one in clayton community and both meetings will be happening at 6:30 at night and they're encouraging the public to come out and speak out because these fire districts protect your area, live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that look out post is 4400 feet above santa clara. >> we look for smoke columns, hopefully beginning early on we see them and we try to determine, well, what's the smoke is like, dark or light or is it building or tapering off and we'll study for it for a few seconds and get an estimate reading and we'll radio with morgan hill with the information. >> flight side is said to remain at the look at location until the red flag alert is lifted. >>> thunderstorms around the state, they missed the bay area thus far but if you look at the satellite that i have got up for you, you notice the motion is coming this way and the clouds are rotating around the center offshore here, what i am tracking and what i am interested here, you see this area right here coming out of fresno, it is something
's community meeting will be in clayton at the community library. >>> huge plumes of smoke over the trivalley today. >> putting the final touches on the new bay bridge. how you'll be able to get around during the labor day weekend shut down. >> and levi stadium could be getting another major event. no, we're not talking about the super bowl. we've got that story coming up. >> what a difference a day makes. last night at this time, we were talking about that big electrical storm. today, we have to go out of state to see the nearest lightning strike. that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet. the forecast up next, after we attend to a few sponsors. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,, raced across 170 acres of t "camp parks" military traing area in dublin. that's ri >>> did you see that big plume of smoke in the east bay? this was it. a brush fire at the military training area in dublin. there's near the 580/680 interchange. no structures were burned. but people were nervous for a while. it started when someone at camp park threw a grenade. >> you could see the smoke. >> reporter: thick smoke filled the
robberies within a week. she is located at the clayton valley shopping center. >> next door got robbed at 10:00 a.m. in the morning which is usual. >> reporter: just last saturday the sally's next to her salon was robbed and so was the yogurt shack. then robber struck again. the robbery happened around 6:00 p.m. last night. two hours before closing time. it is unclear if there were customers in the store at the time but at this point we have no reports of injuries. after pet food express the robber moved down the road to the ups store in the vineyard shopping center. the robber, the same man, white, with a bushy mustache and apeers to be homeless. shoppers say he should stand out. >> that would be out of the ordinary. >> we don't have a lot of homeless that hang out here. >> reporter: they are trying to determine if it is the same man who committed all four robberies and if you see someone similar call police. >> definitely keep an eye out. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a over turned big rig on interstate 780. the crash happened before 10:00 a.m. this morning. no one was injured but
. beard is nastier than ever. wilson with the dodger debut against the marlins. he helped clayton shut out miami 6 nothing. l.a. now 19 games up on the giants in the west. 1 14ers signed veteran wallace compete with mccoy, scott and daniels for back up quarterback position. wallace signed by the saints last thursday. they waved him on monday. nip year vet spent majority of career with the seahawks. now he will open the season second on the depth chart behind kaepernick. watch me dot pull up on the railing guys. right there. i cringe saying this. the superbowl champion ravens hosting carolina tonight. this looks familiar. fv punt return touch down. 74 yard. panthers special team touch down and 3 defensive scores in the 34-27 win. chase for fedex cup on first round. mainly are over and tiger in contention this week. 4 under, 67. 3 back of kitchen. shot of the day. scott brown drivable par 4 16. about to good for a swim. when it bounds off some rock on the cart path bridge.y ricochet ever work leak this for me no. is a on par 4 albatross. that close. tap eagle brown
and u p s store within 15 minutes and two more businesses in the clayton valley shopping center on saturday. evidence that led them to50- year-old charles curry who is also under arrest. >>> police in oakland operation seize fire. interim chief mostly in east oakland early this morning. violate offenders and gang members. seven people are in custody including two who turned themselves in. police are not releasing their names or photographs but warrants were for strong armed robberies. >>> a large scale sweep targeting sex offenders living in homeliness. 535 sex offenders classified as transient and do not list an address. the penalties for not registering are stiff. >> the penalties are actually more severe like burglary and petty theft so the state of california is very strict are on people out of compliance. >> police arrested eight people today but non of them sex offenders. >> all of them had registered properly. >> a napa county man is hospitalized after he asked his neighbors to quite down and was beaten with a pitch fork. rob talks with the man's wife and the prognosis is
.a. dodgers, clayton kershaw, and music from pepper. with cleto and the cletones. and now, sure enough, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's very nice. thank you. thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] we are back from -- thank you. i appreciate it. we're back fro
into the middle 80s, low 80s in concord and clayton. 80 degrees. we drop the number slightly and throughout mill valley. 68 degrees with the cheering of the bay. upstream. anywhere from 76 degrees to santa rosa to 86 degrees in cheer lake. extended forecast. what do you notice? >> the warmest days, coming up, will be on tuesday anded with. otherwise it is seasonal. it is a summertime weather pattern as we wrap up here in the bayir. this is the last weekend before we slide into labor day. and bay bridge closure. >> well, you know it is a reality folks. >> i am thinking bbq you are thinking -- >> i know, traffic issues. >> yes. you got it. yes. to the east bay. it is understandable. right. yes. >> i got a great fish tale for you. a good show tonight. can the tigers sink a birdo 18 forcing a play off? controversy in where a pit accident determined the outcome of the race ,,,,,,,, excuse me, sir i'm gonnhave to ask you to popower down your little word game. think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app.see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? fr the plane? yeah, i ca
from point digital photography. this is in wyoming. the wedding video of alicia and clayton. but if you notice, there are some pretty creative shots in this wedding video. look at that incredible shot. this videographer is high tech. he uses a drone. a quad copter with a gopro. let me show you a behind the scenes moment from this shoot. go-pro is running. the couple gorgeous right in the background. coming in hot. >> oh, you're kidding! it hit the groom. and it did leave a mark. >> oh, man. >> look really closely and you'll see the mark that it left. it also cut his head. according to the photographer, the couple laughed this off, thought it was hilarious and they were the ones who encouraged the photographer to upload the video. to tell us more about this video, we have davey orgill from point digital photography via skype "right this minute." i want to hear exactly what this couple said just after the groom got hit in the face with the drone. >> the very first thing they said was, the bride gave me a look of death like, what did you just do to my soon-to be husband. he has some scratc
of research about what ground jobs could be open to women. clayton. >>> more trouble for obama care. delta air lines warning its health care costs are set to skyrocket by nearly $100 million next year under the affordable care act. this as the president says we are getting costs under control. >> we're starting to get health care cost under control. we don't have an urgent deficit crisis. the only crisis we have is one manufactured in washington and it's ideological. >> who is really paying the price for reform? joining us now town political editor and radio talk show host. when you heard the president make those remarks in scranton, pennsylvania, what did you think, health care costs under control? >> it's patently false if you look at the data. you can slice it numerous different ways. you can look at family premiums. they went up again last year. that came out last week. you can look at individual premiums. those are skyrocketing in many places around the country in double digits, triple digits in some cases. if you look at the cost of the federal government and to the country at l
-boyfriends. >> now they're talking to "gma" about it. and clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: prosecutors say behind this smile is a scorned ex-girlfriend out for revenge. 21-year-old uc riverside student barbara wu is behind bars in a murder-for-hire plot. the alleged target who has not been identified testified in court friday that after he dumped wu via e-mail she began a quest for revenge. allegedly sending threatening messages posting his personal information on a craig'slist sex ad and confronting him with a knife. >> she guarded the door with a knife. she tried to attack me with the knife and that's all i remember. >> reporter: on the stand he said he had to punch wu in the face in self-defense. wu is fighting six felony charges including solicitation to commit murder and stalking which her attorney calls baseless. >> they have yet to produce one threat of any kind that my client made. what you're going to see, though, is a spurned young person that was very much in love. >> reporter: the defense says while wu may be a jilted lover her only crime was egging her ex's car along with her
clayton is a guy who worked as a political advisor for a long time, and was then our political advisor since february, and is the new executive director of wolf pac, and it's great to have him here. ryan thanks for joining us and tell us how you came to join us at wolf pac. >> for sure. thanks first of all for having me on the show. and i want to give a shout out to the others doing a great job day-to-day as well. i came to wolf pac because i was on the campaign trail for a long time. i worked for a pac in d.c., i worked in political advertising. i was even the guy who spent day-to-day sat there in a call time room getting members of congress and people running for congress to spend five to seven days a week raising money from rich people. so i have seen where the money comes from, and where it is spent, and what i want to do now is use that set of skills i have acquired and become very dangerous to the corruption that happens in our system. >> there are so many different issues that you can combat. why this one? >> yeah, if i put my citizen cap on. i see we are really facing fundament
on horseback. abc's clayton sandell is in san diego with the latest on the search. if there's any good news, it seems that the girl was alive. a 16-year-old who he believes is this victim. >> reporter: so far, bianna, yes. that's what they believe. and it's a positive development. overnight, a sad development. police positively identified the remains of ethan anderson, who was murdered here in san diego. right now in idaho, search teams are looking for his suspected killer, who they believe kidnapped ethan's sister. this morning, over 100 federal agents and police are swarming this idaho wilderness, hunting for a murder suspect and a teenage girl they believe is in grave danger. >> it's treacherous terrain. it is back country. it is wilderness. and so, we're going to bring in any resources that we can on the ground and from the air to make this search successful. >> reporter: they're here because a man on horseback says he crossed paths with two people wednesday, believed to be 40-year-old james dimaggio and 16-year-old hannah anderson. >> they did appear to have gear with them. they had ca
at monday in pittsburg and a second on tuesday in lafayette and a third meeting on wednesday in clayton. all cities have been affected by reduced fire service because of budget cuts. consultants analyzed fire services in the county and plan to give their feedback at those meetings. >> san francisco's bomb squad rushed to city's mission district after a man was caught with a hand grenade. bomb squad was called in this morning to investigate. mission streets between 18m and 19th streets were close down for nearly two hours. the officers recovered a hand grenade that was later found to be inactive. and arrested an unidentified man. >>> a surf shop-owner from santa cruz is in jail, accused luring young you girls into his business and videotaping them in dressing rooms without their knowledge. 38-year-old dylan greiner is being held on $500,000 bail. he operates the santa cruz surf school and was involve in a clean up of cowell beach and ktvu interviewed greene earlier this year with those efforts. detectives believe there are more victims in the santa cruz area. >>> environmental groups oppose
gray mustache. they say he looked homeless and he had a gun. the clayton police officer patrolled this area. their concern the shopping center may also be hit. he has reason to check out the shopping center, looking for the robbery suspect who is still on the loose described as a white man with a bushy mustache. the officer confirmed, the man in the previous robbery cases did carry a gun. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 6:05. warnings on two men who are posing as pg&e workers. it happened tuesday on sunnyvale road and hillward place. they asked for permission to go in the backyard. the victims say they didn't raise any alarms because they recently got notice about inspections like that. >> the homeowner went to the two men to the rear yard to check the easement. while that was occurring, someone was inside the house burglarizing their home. >> the men got away with $5,000 worth of cash and jewelry. both suspects identified as hispanic. one between 35-40-year-old, wearing a hard hat, gloves and dark clothing. the second suspect between 45- 50-year-old, was wearing a fisherman's ha
.s. average. dr. clayton small who is the ceo of native pride, an organization dedicated to providing leadership healing and wellness for native peoples joins us from santa fe, new mexico. talk about the situation that fine ridge experiences in the reservations of other communities who have gone from dry to wet and started to sell alcohol on their reservations. >> well, the referendum vote was a very good foundation and by doing that, the leadership with the ogalalla sioux tribe asked for feedback from the community, what do you want? and by that referendum, although it is my understanding only 400 people voted, the vote was to open up liquor sales on the reservation. >> but the experience of other -- >>> i think that's a very good -- >> the experience of other reservations does it tend to be positive when it goes to selling alcohol? >> two-thirds of our reservations currently have liquor sales on the reservations. and what the research shows is that for three to five years, once the liquor sales are opened up on reservations, there's a huge spike in alcohol related deaths. which incl
through monday. >> helping to make and proof those numbers unman drone. that story now from clayton san del. >> western fire fight tonight look as lot like a military campaign. at yosemite national park massive rim fire new help from remote control drone on loan from the california air national guard. armed with sensor that see through heavy smoke to tell commanders not only how big a fire is but how intensely it is burning. >> i saw more in 30 minutes here than i did in 3 and a hal half, 4 day of hiking the fair license. >> firefighters can use the military help. this season nearly 4 million acres have burned up and countless neighborhood like these look like war zone. tonight 5 military tanker are dive bombing target across the west. >> ready. ready. >> altitude. >> slowly helping contain yosemite fire. not a moment too soochbility small town completely cut off. watching badly needed summer tourist dollars go up in smoke. nearly 5000 firefighters now with help from eye ins the sky hoping to soon declare victory. clayton abc news monument, colorado. >> it is two week ago tomor
, bianna. >> that will be a terrific reunion. clayton sandell covering the story every step of the way. thank you, clayton. >>> a lot of news overnight, we turn to mr. ron claiborne for a look at the headlines. >> as always. >>> in the news, benjamin netanyahu is recovering in the hospital this morning following surgery following a hernia surgery. the defense minister was in charge during the one hour he was unconscious. he is expected to be released later today. >>> more than a dozen u.s. embassies closed over terror concerns are set to reopen today in northern africa and the middle east. they were closed amid concerns of a possible al-qaeda attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed. >>> and deadly violence in iraq, 69 people killed in car bombings in baghdad. targeting cafes and markets in the city. so far no one or no group has claimed responsibility. it comes as iraqis celebrate the end of the holy month of ramadan. >>> and connecticut, the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into two homes in connecticut has been removed. investigators confirmed four people, two in t
on to the set and clayton morris. clayton, the announcements made and steve ballmer long time leader of microsoft on the way out. the stock goes straight up. is that a judgment that ballmer wasn't very good? >> yes, misdirection from microsoft on a regular basis. for years the common refrain, why is ballmer still there, leading the ship. this new direction that he talks about in his memo to employees on his way out, saying this transition to a products, devices and services business. now, microsoft of course making that transition away from software. stuart: that's what he do. >> devices. stuart: that's what he did. hard tangible things, tablets pnd phones, and he switched to that and away from pure software. are we saying that that was a mistake. >> no, we're saying that that might be the right direction, but it's been a botched direction. look at the sales of windows surface tablets, plummeting and people not buying these things. few people really interested in going out there. you see this excitement around the windows surface tablets? not at all. not exactly a ringing endorsement
. welcome in to "fox & friends," tucker carlson anna kooiman, clayton morris. >> good morning. >> we want to congratulate a new sports network. >> fox 1. >> find that on the cable dial. congratulations to them. they are kicking off. we wish them well. next year there will be fox sports 2. they will be two years old. >> i see. he'll be here all week, all morning for the next four hours nim. we have a fox news alert to get to. egypt braces for another day of bloody protest after security forces storm a mosque in cairo. protesters and armed men barricaded themselves inside. hundreds died in bloody street battles this week including the son of the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader. this as the egyptian government considered out laug the brotherhood just a month after it held power in the country. there are also reports of islamists capturing christian churches in egypt. they set an anglican church on fire. forty churches set on fire since wednesday. >>> a massive wildfire is intensifying by the day. so far at least 2300 people have been forced from their homes as hundreds of firefighters ar
's clayton sandel has details. >> reporter: prosecutors say behind this smile, is a scorned ex-girlfriend out for revenge. 21-year-old uc-river side student, barbara wu is behind bars accused of pitting two former boyfriends against each other in a murder-for-hire plot. the alleged target, who has not been identified, testified in court friday that after he dumped wu via e-mail she began a quest for revenge. allegedly sending threatening messages, posting his personal information on a craigslist sex ad and confronting him with a knife. >> she guarded the door with a knife. she tried to attack me with a knife. and that's all i remember. >> on the stand he said he had to punch wu in the face in self defense. wu is fighting six felony charges including solicitation to commit murder and stalking which her attorney calls baseless. >> they have yet to produce one threat of any kind that my client made. what you are going to see though is a spurned, young person that was very much in love. >> reporter: the defense says while wu may be a jilted lover her only crime was egging her ex's car along with
morning, america, wednesday. what happened tuesday in st. louis. clayton kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball. they have the 15-game road streak going. in the bottom of the fifth, tony cruz puts the cards up 1-0. up 2-0. 2-1, bottom eight. and carlos beltran goes deep on brandon lee. they get another home run. the cardinals would win 5-1. and the dodgers' win streak snapped at 15 roadys. >>> braves in action. atlanta riding in the 11-game win streak anywhere. bryce harper. gone. harper's 17th. the nationals a 1-0 lead. top five, same score. two runners on for gattis. the atlanta rookie having a great season. 46 rbis, leads all rookies. it's 2-1, atlanta. bottom nine, same score. full count for harper. sits him down. that's 12 in a row. >>> nba schedule was released tuesday. good seats still available. >>> that's all we got. now, back to you. >> does he smile ever? >> i think he does. during the commercials maybe. >>> coming up next, a family with 11 boys hopes for a girl. so, did they get one? >> what a story. >>> and it is the mistake scene around the world. an american accidenta
like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> our thanks to clayton. >>> overseas tonight, to indonesia, where a volcano erupted in the middle of the night. hot lava pouring down to a beach village, killing six people. nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated. >>> in iraq tonight, a horrific scene there, a series of car bombings shattering celebrations marking the end of ramadan. 69 people were killed today alone. 671 during the muslim holy month, the deadliest in six years. >>> and across the globe tonight, growing outrage ahead of the olympics in russia, protests over newly passed laws against gays in russia, and they come just 24 hours after president obama weighed in, too, saying gay athletes should simply bring home the gold. here's abc's kirit radia. >> reporter: today, thousands turned out at demonstrations across europe. many calling for more protests when russia hosts the winter olympics next year in sochi. on friday, president obama added his voice. >> and if russia doesn't have gay and lesbian athletes, then it will probably make their team weaker. >> reporter: the law is so b
2008. >>> in baseball now the l.a. dodgers keep on rolling. clayton kershaw pitches eight strong innings strike out eight. he also drives in two runs with a two-out single in the second inning. the dodgers win, 8-2, and have won 37 out of their last 45 games. >> in new york alex rodriguez goes deep for his first home of the year. the yankee slugger is playing while appealing his suspension while appealing a charge. but the big hit of the game belonged to brett gardner. his solo home run in the bottom of the ninth gives new york a 5-4 win over detroit. >>> and in preseason football, the colts and bills treat fans to game-breaking plays. indianapolis receiver t.y. hilton gets open along the sidelines and makes a diving catch far a 45-yard touchdown. that may have been topped by this play, buffalo rookie marquise goodwin was a college track star at texas, and he shows his speed here. goodwin returns the kick-off 107 yards for a touchdown. the bills win, 44-20. >>> and if you think he's fast, when we return, a look at the fastest man in the world. scientists try to figure out why usa
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